DIRECTV NOW Adds Over 300K Subscribers

AT&T announced today that for the first three months of 2018, DIRECTV NOW added 312,000 subscribers.

This brings the service to 1.46 million subscribers which helped offset losses of 180,000 subscribers from their main DirecTV service.

As been previously announced, AT&T reiterated that they will soon be releasing DIRECTV NOW’s Cloud DVR, as well as option to add a third stream to your account.

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fuboTV Adds 16 New Local Channels

fuboTV announced today the addition of 16 new local channels bringing their total to 276.

With the additions, fuboTV shared that they now have FOX coverage in 90% of U.S. Households (135 total markets), NBC in 73% (77 total markets), and CBS in 69% (72 total markets).

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New Local Channels:


  • WGXA – Macon, GA
  • WRSP – Springfield-Decatur-Champaign, IL
  • KVRR – Fargo-Valley City, ND
  • KFOX – El Paso, TX (Las Cruces)
  • KLJB – Davenport, IA - Rock Island-Moline, IL
  • WFXB – Myrtle Beach-Florence, SC
  • KFXK – Tyler-Longview, TX
  • KTTW – Sioux Falls, IA (Mitchell)
  • WFFT – Ft. Wayne, IN
  • WTWC – Tallahassee, FL - Thomasville, GA


  • WMAZ – Macon, GA
  • KXJB – Fargo-Valley City, ND
  • KYTX – Tyler-Longview, TX
  • WCTV – Tallahassee, FL - Thomasville, GA


  • KVLY – Fargo-Valley City, ND
  • WJHG – Panama City, FL

DIRECTV NOW Adds Locals in 22 Cities

DIRECTV NOW added local channels in 22 markets today.

In Cincinnati, Jacksonville, Louisville, and Roanoke - DIRECTV NOW subscribers will now get all of the major local channels (CBS, NBC, FOX, and ABC).

Here is a full list of additional and locals in those markets:

  • Albany, NY (+CBS, NBC)
  • Albuquerque, NM (+FOX, ABC, NBC)
  • Austin, TX (+CBS, ABC, FOX)
  • Buffalo, NY (+NBC, FOX, NBC)
  • Cincinatti, OH (+CBS, FOX, ABC, NBC)
  • Grand Rapids,MI (+CBS, ABC, FOX)
  • Harrisburg, PA (+CBS, FOX)
  • Honolulu, HI (+NBC, FOX, ABC)
  • Jacksonville, FL (+NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC)
  • Knoxville, TN (+NBC, CBS)
  • Las Vegas, LV (+NBC, ABC)
  • Louisville, KY (+NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC)
  • Memphis, TN (+NBC, FOX)
  • Mobile, AL (+NBC, ABC)
  • Norfolk , VA (+FOX, ABC)
  • Providence, RI (+NBC, ABC)
  • Raleigh, NC (+FOX, ABC, NBC)
  • Richmond, VA (+NBC, FOX)
  • Roanoke, VA (+FOX, CBS, NBC, FOX)
  • Salt Lake City, UT (+CBS, FOX, NBC)
  • San Antonio, TX (+NBC, CBS, ABC)
  • West Palm Beach, FL (+CBS, ABC, NBC)

CBS All Access Launches in Canada

CBS has launched their OTT streaming service CBS All Access in Canada. Unlike the US version of the service, which offers an ad-supported ($5.99) and commercial free version ($9.99) — the Canadian version will only offer a single commercial-free option for $5.99 / month.

The service will include many current shows like Survivor, NCIS, Elementary and classic shows like Charmed and CSI. Unfortunately, the service only includes the first season of The Good Fight and will does not offer Star Trek Discovery — which is already available on network television in Canada.

While Canadians won’t be able to watch any live local CBS affiliates, they will get access to streaming news via CBSN.

Subscribers will be able to stream on iOS, Android, Apple TV, and Chromecast.

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The Handmaid's Tale Returns Tonight on Hulu at Midnight

How to Watch The Handmaid’s Tale Premiere on Hulu

The wait is finally over. The Handmaid’s Tale is returning to Hulu tonight (4/25) at 12:01AM ET.

Starring Elizabeth Moss (Offred), the show takes place in Gilead where fertility rates have collapsed. Set in a dystopian future, fertile women are forced to live as a concubine under a fundamentalist theocratic dictatorship.

The Handmaid’s Tale is available exclusively by subscribing to Hulu ($7.99/month) or Hulu Live TV ($39.99/month).

For a limited time, you can add HBO to your Hulu subscription for just $5/month. This means you can watch Handmaid’s Tale, Westworld, and Silicon Valley for as little as $13/month.

Stream Every Wednesday on Hulu Plus

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 2 returns to Hulu with two new episodes on April 25th. New episodes will air every Wednesday for the complete 13-episode second season.

If you want to catch up and watch Season 1, all episodes are available on demand at Hulu.

PlayStation Vue Adds SNY

PlayStation Vue has added SportsNet New York (SNY), the home to New York Mets baseball, becoming the latest service to add the channel.

Earlier this month, we reported that DIRECTV NOW, fuboTV, YouTube TV, and Hulu Live TV all added the channel to their respective service.

In order to receive the channel, you will need to subscribe to PlayStation Vue Core plan ($45)

This means you can now watch both Yankees games (YES Network) and Mets games (SNY) as a subscriber to Vue.

DIRECTV fuboTV Hulu Philo PS Vue Sling TV YouTube
Free Trial Free Trial Sign Up Free Trial Free Trial Free Trial Free Trial
$35–$70 $45 $40 $16–$20 $40–$75 $20 $25 $40
SportsNet NY ≥ $50 - ≥ $45 - -
YES Network ≥ $50 - ≥ $45 -

SNY will broadcast more than 130 New York Mets games this season, so PlayStation Vue now becomes a great option for in-market streaming for Mets fans. To see their full broadcast schedule, visit our New York Mets page.

DIRECTV NOW Has 3 Hour Outage

After months of no reported issues, DIRECTV NOW faced a nationwide outage last night of just over 3 hours. The cause of the outage has not been revealed, but it seems to coincide with an service-wide migration to use AT&T ID to log-in to the service.

Over the past month, DIRECTV NOW has been moving subscribers to an AT&T ID from a seperate DIRECTV NOW log-in. Up until yesterday you could use either your DIRECTV NOW or AT&T login, but today users are exclusively required to use their AT&T credentials.

Almost every streaming service has faced some sort of downtime in the last 6 months. During periods of extended downtime, we suggest subscribers to use their streaming service credentials to log-in to TV Everywhere apps.

You can see a full list of channels apps here.

These are the TV Everywhere Apps You Can Use in April 2018

TV Everywhere as of April 2018

As part of your Live TV Streaming Service, you can use your credentials to log-in to many TV channel and network apps. These are apps like Fox Sports Go, Watch ESPN, USA Now, and more.

Each service offers a different set of channels you can access. This changes based on what channels are part of your streaming plan, as well if your service has been added to the app’s TVE list.

How Many TVE Apps You Can Use in April 2018:

You can see a full list of apps across services here.

Some of these apps give access to a different set of channels based on your location. For instance, FOX Sports Go includes your local RSN depending on your market.

Why should I use TV Everywhere (TVE)?

  • Watch live shows even if you’re at your streaming service’s max simultaneous streams.
  • Stream on demand shows that aren’t available in your streaming service’s app.
  • Stream live sports that are on overflow channels (e.g. NBC Sports Washington+).
  • Get access to streaming shows on platforms that your streaming service doesn’t offer.

We will be updating this as each service adds new apps. You can check out which apps your service has access to but viewing your service’s TV Everywhere page.

AT&T May Offer Lower Cost Streaming Option

Is DIRECTV NOW going to add a cheaper sports-free option? Speculation is abound after comments made by AT&T CEO Randall Stepehnson during their ongoing antitrust trial over their attempted purchase of Time Warner.

Stephensen mentioned that they will be launching a new entertainment-only service called AT&T Watch for $15 / month. This sounds most similar to current no-sports streaming service — Philo.

Whether this will launch as an AT&T product or under the DIRECTV NOW brand is yet to be seen. Customers should be excited though that a cheaper option for those who don’t watch sports may be on the horizon.

If you are looking to subscribe to a service today, you can read our full review on DIRECTV NOW or Philo.

YouTube TV Starts Restricting Shows on your DVR

When YouTube TV first launched, one of the tradeoffs was that on certain shows and networks, users would have to watch a VOD version of the show even if they recorded it on their DVR.

For the first year of the service, this was rarely enforced.

Recently though, users have noticed this appearing on more and more shows. Now when a user goes to play what they recorded, they may see a message that says “Restricted Access” and have to watch a VOD version instead.

So while you’ll still be able to watch the same show you recorded, you won’t be able to skip commercials.

We have not yet seen this go into effect with providers, except Hulu Live TV who charges $15/month to make the ads in your recorded shows skippable.

You can read our full YouTube TV review here.