The Best Tablets Deals for 2017 Holidays

1Best Buy: Apple iPad Pro 10.5$524.99
Was: $649.99
Amazon: $589.00
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2Amazon: Amazon Fire 7$29.99
Was: $49.99
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3Amazon: Amazon Fire 7 KidsWill Be: $69.99
Currently: $99.99
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4Amazon: Amazon Fire 8 HD$49.99
Was: $79.99
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5Amazon: Amazon Fire 8 HD Kids$49.99
Was: $129.99
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6Target: Amazon Fire 10 HD$99.99
Was: $149.99
Amazon: $119.99
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7Target: Apple iPad Mini 4$299.99
Was: $399.99
Amazon: $300.01
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8Target: Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1" 16GB$199.99
Was: $279.99
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These deals might be available on backorder or available in-store.

Walmart: Apple iPad 32GB$299.99
Was: $329.99
Amazon: $295.00
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Best Buy: Samsung- Galaxy Tab Black S2 9.7" 32GB$279.99
Was: $379.99
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